VC became a supplier for Canon Vietnam in 2014. It took 2 years to prepare the technology, machinery, and production mindset to transition from automotive and motorcycle mold-making to electronic molds and printers. Ensuring competitiveness in the fiercely competitive field of printer component manufacturing is not easy. We made tremendous efforts to enhance our competitiveness in terms of Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD) factors. Now we are highly confident in our production capabilities for mold products for printer plastic parts and electronic components. VC’s mold products provided to Canon Vietnam are diverse, covering almost all plastic parts such as PF SHIPPING LOCK, FFC FIX PLAT, STAND, LOCK PIN, SETTING BAR, HEAD SET LEVER, BLADE CANCELLATION CAM, SW BRACKET, SEPARATION SHEET GUIDE, RETURN LEVER LINK, CR STOPPER, POWER MENU KEY, START STOP KEY, SLIDER TUBE HOLDER, CR STOPPER, MAIN TANK TOP COVER BK, POWER MENU KEY, CONTACT PROTECTOR, DRAIN SHEET STOPPER, FRONT FRAME, CASSETTE COVER, CASSETTE LEVER L193, OLED SET PLATE, FRONT PANEL, SCN STAY, ACCESS SW HOLDER, REAR HNS GUIDE, FFC GUIDE, FFC GUIDE R, ASF INNHARNESS COVER, POWER MENU KEY, START STOP KEY, TUBE HOLDER, SLIDER TUBE HOLDER.