VC became a supplier of Panasonic Vietnam in 2014. For Panasonic customers, VC carried out the Assembly and Printing processes for the first time. This is the initial step for VC to fulfill its vision of being the top-of-mind “1 STOP SERVICE” company in the Global Supporting Industry Supply Chain. Similar to the manufacturing of printer components, the production of refrigerator and washing machine components also places VC in a fiercely competitive QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) environment. VC provides Panasonic Vietnam with a range of prototype products, including COVER DUCT PC, FRAME TABLE, PAN DRAIN, HOOK ICE CONER, DUCT RETURN BARRIER, COVER COIL FRONTCOVER, COIL BACK, HOLDER ICE TRAY, COVER DAMPER PC, COVER DUCT PC, CAP DOOR FCT, CAP DOOR PFB, HANDLE F, PAN WATER EVA, CASE FCT, CASE FCM, CASE FCB, ICE CUBE TRAY, FRAME ICE TRAY, BOX ICE TRAY, BARRIER UPPE, BARRIER LOWER, ESCUTCHEON BARRIER, SASH TRAY PCB, SASH TRAY CRISPER B, CASE CRISPER, CASE PF, SHELF BOTTLE, SHELF EGG, RAIL CASE FCB L/R.