VC has been a tier 1 mold supplier for Yamaha since 2012. In the early years, Yamaha placed their trust in VC and gradually became their number one mold supplier. In 2017, VC officially began providing plastic products to Yamaha. Since then, we have continuously developed and improved our systems, earning high praise from our customers. As the only Vietnamese company supplying plastic components and molds to Yamaha, alongside Japanese and Taiwanese companies, we take pride in enhancing the reputation and position of Vietnamese origin in the global supply chain. The products we supply to Yamaha encompass all plastic parts, ranging from covers such as Cover Handle, Cover Side, Cover Main Pipe, Cover Tank, and Cover Inner, to components used in the machinery like Air Filters. We work with various types of plastics, including PP and ABS, and employ different surface treatments, such as Texture finishes, painting, and plating. In every project, we strive relentlessly to become a reliable partner for our customers.